PeproTech 2019年11月发布Rat IL-21、Human Exodus-2 2种新品!

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类别 名称 货号 规格 价格/RMB
细胞因子 Rat IL-21 400-41-2 2ug ¥1,050
细胞因子 Rat IL-21 400-41-10 10ug ¥2,570
细胞因子 Rat IL-21 400-41-100 100ug ¥16,010
细胞因子 Rat IL-21 400-41-250 250ug ¥28,020
细胞因子 Rat IL-21 400-41-500 500ug ¥48,040
细胞因子 Rat IL-21 400-41-1000 1000ug ¥80,080
细胞因子 Human Exodus-2 300-35A-5 5ug ¥1,050
细胞因子 Human Exodus-2 300-35A-20 20ug ¥2,570
细胞因子 Human Exodus-2 300-35A-100 100ug ¥9,240
细胞因子 Human Exodus-2 300-35A-250 250ug ¥16,170
细胞因子 Human Exodus-2 300-35A-500 500ug ¥27,720
细胞因子 Human Exodus-2 300-35A-1000 1000ug ¥46,200

1.重组大鼠 IL-21

产品描述:IL‐21 is a pleiotropic cytokine produced by CD4+ T cells in response to antigenic stimulation. Its action generally enhances antigen‐specific responses of immune cells. The biological effects of IL‐21 include: inducing the differentiation of T cell‐stimulated B cells into plasma cells and memory B cells; the stimulation of IgG production in conjunction with IL‐4; and the induction of apoptotic effects in naïve B cells and stimulated B cells in the absence of T cell signaling. Additionally, IL‐21 promotes the anti‐tumor activity of CD8+ T cells and NK cells. IL‐21 exerts its effect through binding to a specific type I cytokine receptor, IL‐21R, which also contains the γ chain (γc) found in other cytokine receptors, including IL‐2, IL‐4, IL‐7, IL‐9 and IL‐15. The IL‐21/IL‐21R interaction triggers a cascade of events, which includes activation of the tyrosine kinases JAK1 and JAK3, followed by activation of the transcription factors STAT1 and STAT3. Recombinant Rat IL‐21 is a 15.3 kDa protein containing 130 amino acid residues.


产品描述:Exodus‐2 is a CC chemokine that signals through the CCR7 receptor. It is expressed in lymph nodes of certain endothelial cells, and in the spleen and appendix. Exodus‐2 chemoattracts T and B lymphocytes and inhibits hematopoiesis. Exodus‐2 contains six cysteine residues, including the four conserved cysteines present in CC chemokines. Recombinant Human Exodus‐2 (CCL21) is a 12.2 kDa protein containing 111 amino acid residues.

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